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The Learning Clinic: Giving your Brain some TLC

The Learning Clinic at Neuroeducation can help you or your child to gain skills and improve learning capabilities. In this video, Dr. Pat Sharp discusses how The Learning Clinic works and how it can help with academic and organizational skills, such as reading writing, math, and preparing for graduate studies.

Reading Disabilities

Dr. Pat Sharp talks about how to recognize reading milestones that may have been missed by your child, which may be a sign of a reading disability. She gives us a variety of tools and even some fun games to help you and your child get started reading on the right path.

Debunking Dyslexia Part 1: Experiencing Dyslexia

Dr. Pat Sharp gives us a unique insight into the world of a person with Dyslexia. In this video, the first of her series, Dr. Sharp takes you on a visual and audio demonstration of two of the most common types of Dyslexia, as well as discusses the contributing factors behind this disorder.

Debunking Dyslexia Part 2: Assessing Dyslexia

In the second video in her Dyslexia series, Dr. Pat Sharp delves deep into the Dyslexic Disorder. She explains what constitutes Dyslexia, and how each aspect of the disorder is assessed to determine the severity and type of dyslexic disorder.

Debunking Dyslexia Part 3: Remediating Dyslexia

In part 3 of her Dyslexia series, Dr. Pat Sharp takes us through methods of teaching a dyslexic student. Focusing on the three main dyslexic disorders, she gives us tools that can help make reading easier and more enjoyable for teacher and student alike.

Debunking Dyslexia (supplemental): Warning Signs

Are you or your child struggling to read? Dr. Pat Sharp gives us a look at the warning signs of Dyslexia, a brain (neurological) disorder that affects how our brains interpret written language.