Psychological Care

The Problem:

Life is a challenging journey, unique to each one of us. From time-to-time throughout this journey, the majority of us will experience some psychological difficulty created by either genetic predisposition and/or life circumstances.

When left untreated, these psychological difficulties can manifest into obstacles that hinder our personal development. To complicate matters, we oftentimes ignore these difficulties or pretend they don't really exist. Meanwhile, self-esteem and motivation erode in the face of our frustrations. Later, we find this denial and frustration has kept us from achieving our goals.

The Solution:
   At Neuroeducation our licensed psychologists and counselors provide counseling and psychotherapy, psychological testing, and marriage 
   a and family counseling to adults, teens and children, using cognitive and behavioral psychological treatment procedures.
   Our Psychological/Behavioral Health Care Services provide
   diagnosis and treatment for many mental health issues, including
   the following:
  •                 ADHD
  •                 Concentration
  •                 Motivation
  •                 Behavior
  •                 Anxiety
  •                 Depression
  •                 Socialization
  •                 Conduct
  •                 Adjustment Disorders
  •                 Anorexia/Bulimia
  •                 Grief/Loss
  •                 Mood Disorders
  •                 Phobias
  •                 Relationship Issues
  •                 Tourette's Syndrome
  •                 Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  •                 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  •                 Central Auditory Processing
  •                 Epilepsy
  •                 Autism
  •                 Asperger's Syndrome
  •                 Developmental Delay
  •                 Cognitive Rehab following brain trauma