The Learning Clinic 

The Solution – The Learning Clinic

At The Learning Clinic we have a unique approach to learning. To begin with, we apply a set of highly effective learning principles created as a result of abundant scientific research and over 30 years of experience.

We believe these principles are essential for optimal success:

•Determine an individual’s unique cognitive strengths and match the appropriate teaching methods to those strengths.

•Provide individual attention and help from a caring and knowledgeable teacher/coach who utilizes lively and interesting materials.

•Make it possible for an individual to experience success in learning academic skills that were once frustratingly hard.

•Maintain consistency and frequency in an individual’s attendance in order to master the necessary skills.

These principles and our staff of professional psychologists, counselors and instructors are what separate us from mainstream franchised learning centers. We are experienced in recognizing, defining and treating all elements of a learning problem. This gives us the ability to custom tailor learning strategies specific to the individual. The end result is a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment that specifically addresses learning challenges, nurtures self-esteem, and encourages personal growth.

Through our comprehensive neuroeducational evaluation we are able to identify an individual’s innate neurodevelopmental strengths. We then have the insight to understand how learning can proceed most efficiently and we can eagerly begin using this knowledge to help the individual be more successful in school and in life.
While our staff of psychologists and counselors is available to work on the social, emotional and behavioral aspects of the problem, The Learning Clinic offers individualized support for academic problems.

For each Learning Clinic program, the number of sessions is determined by the projected amount of time required to attain the agreed-upon goals. In most cases, the frequency of these sessions can be adapted to fit your schedule. All of The Learning Clinic programs are designed to maximize a student's potential for academic success and achievement.
We encourage you to help yourself or your child reach for those goals that were once thought to be unreachable.