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What We Do

Creating Success Through Psychology and Learning Since 1978.

Each of us is a unique individual with our own set of strengths. Sometimes our collection of strengths does not contain all of the solutions to each of life's many trials. As a result, many of us face challenges in school, at home, and in our social lives, and these challenges left unacknowledged and untreated can grow and create seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to our success.

At Neuroeducation in Spokane, we apply proven methods, both psychological and educational strategies, to overcome these challenges. Our trained psychologists have the ability to see the core of the problem. Through counseling we help patients to see that they do indeed have the ability to surpass obstacles and capture the kind of success they imagine. We provide an environment that is safe, confidential, and supportive.

Our work is guided by the ethical standards of our profession combined with our deep compassion. Our entire practice has the goal of assisting clients in identifying goals, understanding and conquering obstacles, and drafting realistic plans to meet objectives. Our counselors understand that a client's shortcomings most often have little or nothing to do with a lack of motivation or desire to succeed.

Applying Brain Research. Over the years medical science, particularly brain research and studies conducted in related areas, has improved our knowledge of the complexities associated with how our minds function and how these functions control our behavior and sometimes even prevent the very behavior necessary for achievement, both academic and social. One of the keys to our success in helping people overcome challenges is our understanding of these complexities. We know that no one wants to fail, but few realize that the solution is nearby and can be acquired. You simply have to acknowledge that you need help. And that is where we step in.

At Neuroeducation our counselors stay informed of the latest developments in neuroscience, and we can apply strategies from the fields of psychology and education to overcome the many and varied challenges to academic and personal progress. Our therapists are highly trained counselors who also have a genuine desire to help others attain happiness. We take the time to fully know and understand our clients so that once we've identified a client's strengths and weaknesses, the solutions to their challenges become evident and the doors to success are opened. The path to success can be filled with a zest for meeting challenges instead of the dread of failure and disapproval.

We offer three kinds of services at Neuroeducation in Spokane. Testing/Evaluation services geared towards effectivly pinpointing the source of your needs, allowing us to make an individualized gameplan for success.  The psychological and behavioral service encompasses treatment of conditions such as ADHD, Attention, Anxiety, Communication, Depression, Socialization, Conduct, Motivation, and many more. Our tutoring service is designed to assist those clients in grades Kindergarten through college who struggle with learning.

Under the best of conditions, life can be trying at times and outright difficult at others. If you or someone you care about struggles academically or emotionally, our caring psychologists and tutors welcome the opportunity to help you identify and remove the obstacles to a happier more productive life.